Fancy lunch, Mardi Gras edition

by tamarwolofsky

It’s easy to tell how much I’ve been procrastinating with how many new recipes are open on my internet browser. I stumbled across this one for Shrimp Etouffee and had to make it. It is apparently Mardi Gras right now. This is apparently a Louisiana dish. Instant international flair!

The only changes that I made were to leave out the celery (because I didn’t have any) and to use frozen cooked shrimp (because I had those). Worked like a beauty. There’s a bit of waiting and stirring involved, but I cleaned the kitchen and took out the compost in the meantime! There was also a nice CBC program on which involved re-broadcasting weekend programs from 1948.

The verdict: Yum. yumyumyum. Lots of butter will do that. I ate it over quinoa for lunch but will probably make some brown rice or pasta to eat it with for the next couple days. I estimate that it makes four servings. Maybe next time I’ll double it and then just eat it forever.